Works Online

“Metallurgical” and “Cattails in that Triangle of Remaining Wetland Along Ninth Avenue”  RockPaperPoem

Elegy for the Girl in the Photo”  Cagibi

“In Medias Res” Typishly

“What She Wanted” and “Swimming the Baptism River” Pine Row Press

“Birds of the Periphery” Wild Roof Journal

“These Wire Cages”  Star 82 Review 

“Peeling the Onion”   Star 82 Review 

“Of the Shapes”  Three Elements Review

“Faltered”  Midway Journal 

“Endlight” Midway Journal

A Body in the Body of the Universe” Zingara Poetry Review

“Molly Ringwald Herself Cuts and Colors My Hair” Gyroscope Review

“Trinities”  Josephine Quarterly 

“June’s Mixed Reward”  Gyroscope Review 

“History Exhibit”  Star 82 Review 

“I Want that Fresh-Dwelled Feeling Again”   Three Elements Review

“Changing Schools” Muddy River Poetry Review

“Underground” and “What I Mean When I Say I’m Polishing My Glass Ball Collection”  McNeese Review 

“Cartography of Ruins”  Heron Tree

“New Year’s Morning”  Cagibi Journal 

“Witness” and “Lake George Flux”  Metafore Magazine 

“Sleep is a Paper Canoe, Bound with Necessary Tasks”   Vitamin ZZZ

“Bottomland Notebook”  Midway Journal

“When I Was Young and Yet More Hollow”  Midway Journal 

“May Day”  Postcard Poems and Prose 

“Elegy for the Men of My Stepfather’s Town”  Typishly 

Three Bears, New Home”    Star 82 Review

“To the High School Friend Who Messages Me on Facebook…” and “Unanswered”Gyroscope Review

“Tell the String of Chromosomes Like a Rosary” South 85 Review

“Interactive Exhibit”  Star 82 Review

“Variables” Gyroscope Review

Two Ships, Long Marriage” One Sentence Poems

“Echolocation” Right Hand Pointing

 “Painted Cave” Clementine Unbound

“Sunday Morning” Star 82 Review

“Carried Away” and “There Was a River” Gnarled Oak

“Constellations” Gyroscope Review

“Sam I Am Grows Tired” Star 82 Review

“As Above, So Below” Heron Tree

“Clean,” “The Art of Knowing When to Laugh,” and “How to Avoid Inconvenience on a Given Weekday” Sequestrum

“Now We Will Speak in Flowers” Gyroscope Review